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Soldier Killed at Ft. Hood has Ties to Rolla, Missouri

ROLLA, Mo. -- One of the soldiers killed at Ft. Hood, Texas went to high school in Rolla, Missouri. KOLR10 News is learning more about 37-year-old Army Sergeant Timothy Owens.
ROLLA, Mo. -- One of the soldiers killed in Ft. Hood, Texas has ties to our area.

37-year-old Army Sergeant Timothy Owens went to high school in Rolla, Missouri.  According to family members, he was one of the victims killed by Army Specialist Ivan Lopez.

Both Owens and his wife attended Rolla High School.  The school principal says Timothy Owens left in 1994.  His wife, Billy Humphrey Owens, graduated in 1996.

As the shock sets in, family and friends of Sergeant Timothy Owens are trying to find ways to cope.

"I started texting him and tried calling--leaving messages with no reply," says Owens' Friend Paul Eatherton.  "So I started texting all his friends and nobody knew anything until this morning."

Paul Eatherton says the news of his friend's death is surreal.

"One was sadness for everyone," says Eatherton.  "And the other is worry. I knew that's where he was."

Eatherton says he was lucky enough to be able to call Sergeant Tim Owens a friend.  The two met about 20 years ago in a Tai Kwan Do class.  Owens earned his black belt there before the pair ran a martial arts school together.

Owens' cousin Glen Welton says the two of them shared a military background.  Owens joined the army in his mid twenties and had re-enlisted for another six years.

Welton described his cousin as a prankster, a very loyal guy and a good soldier.

Last night, there were several posts on his wife's Facebook page expressing concerns after not hearing from her husband.  Then, a final post said, "I appreciate all of your prayers, concerns and love.  We ask for our privacy at this time."

Many responded with support-- sharing prayers and well wishes for her and the rest of the Owens family.
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