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Smith "Talks" Contract

ST. JOSEPH, Mo--Smith wants to focus on football.
ST. JOSEPH, Mo--The Kansas City Chiefs got back to work Wednesday. In our KC Blitz report we pick things back up in St. Joseph from Chiefs training camp.

Wednesday safety Sanders Commings left practice after an ankle injury on a play involving Jamaal Charles.

After practice, quarterback Alex Smith talked about not wanting to talk about his contract extension.

The Chiefs already extended Charles for two years where he will make 8.3 million this year.

Big players left to extend are Justin Houston and Smith. But the Chiefs QB would rather focus on the scramble at the offensive line.

"You are finally going to cross a line where it is just football from here on out. I'm done not only talking about it with you guys but even behind the scenes as well because we talk about eliminating distractions and it's apart of it. It's time to focus on ball. It's the nature of the offensive line in the NFL that it's tough. It's physical. It is a little bit like musical chairs. Guys have to know different positions and guys have to be versatile," said Alex Smith.

"The guys are just starting to get used to the pads now and injuries are going to happen in camp. You know it's good for those younger guys and the back up free agent veteran guys that we have on our team to get in there. Honestly, you look at our season last year and we had to move guys around on the line and they did a nice job," said Doug Pederson. 

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