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Sen. McCaskill on Political Rankings: 'Compromise Is Not A Dirty Word'

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. -- A new list ranks members of Congress on the political spectrum.
SPRINGFIELD, Mo. -- A new list by Washington-based National Journal ranks members of Congress on the political spectrum of most conservative and liberal. 

"Compromise is not a dirty word," Sen. Claire McCaskill said.

The list is based on the way U.S. Senate and House members vote. 

McCaskill, a Democrat, stands as the 50th most conservative senator and the 49th most liberal, according to the list. She said the middle is where she wants to stay.

"I'm from Missouri. Missouri is a very divided state. Missouri, I think, wants me to call issues like I see them, not based on my party," McCaskill told KOLR 10 News by phone. "I'm not afraid to say no to my party and I'm not afraid to embrace the other party if it's a good idea that will work for the people of Missouri."

Republican Sen. Roy Blunt is ranked as the 42nd most conservative. Blunt's office released a statement to KOLR 10 News about the list.

"Senator Blunt is fighting each and every day to solve problems for Missourians," spokeswoman Amber Marchand said in the statement. 

Republican Rep. Billy Long is the 24th most conservative, or the 408 most liberal -- meaning 407 representatives are ranked as more liberal. Rep. Jason Smith is the 30th and Vicky Hartzler is the 87th most conservative.

In Arkansas, Republican Sen. John Boozman is the 19th most conservative, while Democratic Sen. Mark Pryor falls closer toward the middle -- though still slightly to the conservative side -- as the 47th most conservative and 53rd most liberal.

Rep. Steve Womack is 126th most conservative and Rep. Rick Crawford is 116.

For the complete list of rankings, visit the National Journal's website.

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