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Saving for a Dream Vacation

With more winter weather socking a large part of the U.S., it's tempting to think about a getaway to someplace warm. Get tips for saving for a dream vacation.

The snow. The ice. The cold.

Winter refuses to release its hold on most of the U.S., leaving many to dream of sunnier skies, and researching a vacation to a dream destination is one way to spend a snow day.

According to Smarter Travel,  a vacation budget needs to go beyond airfare, hotel, and a rental car.

Meals, baggage fees, cab fares, tipping, wi-fi and data roaming charges, admission to tourist destinations, and travel insurance are just some of the additional costs to consider.

And it's always good to budget for too much, rather than come up short.

To put more money in the bank toward those costs, trim some extra expenses like the cost of a morning latte, a weekly yoga class, or a dinner out, and think how saving that cash now, might mean more fun on vacation later.

Bankrate also recommends using a rewards credit card for everyday purchases in the months leading up to a vacation. Using a card that gives points or cash back to pay for things like gas or groceries can cut the cost of hotel rooms and airplane tickets.

And use social media to stay motivated towards the goal. Follow the destination's tourism board on Twitter, or use Pinterest to pin photos or create possible itineraries of places to see, things to do, and places to dine.

(Karin Caifa, CNN's Consumer Watch)

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