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Morning Sports Report - February 18, 2014

Where Gracie Gold learned to skate -- and a backyard brawl with Nixa and Ozarks girls basketball.

SPRINGFIELD, Mo--Ladies figure skating will get started this week in Sochi.

And Gracie Gold will skate for the United States.

And as KOLR 10's Megan Rice reports, she lived in Springfield for awhile and learned to skate downtown.

While American athletes are realizing their dreams in Sochi, others are just starting their dreams here in Springfield, Missouri.

"Over the last 13 years Springfield opened up their ice rink and now we are introducing ice sports to the Southwest Missouri market," said Al Valdivia hockey director.

Megan Rice: "U.S. Figure skater Gracie Gold started her quest for the gold at this very ice rink as a little girl. She was 7 years old and at a friends birthday party when she saw people figure skating and said 'hey, that's what I want to do'."

"She did start skating in our learn to skate program, which is pretty exciting but everybody starts somewhere and group lessons, learn to skate programs are an awesome way to start skating," said Amy Torcasso figure skating director.

"I've been doing the learn to skate program for about a year. I've always liked figure skating. I thought it was really pretty what all they did like when you watched it on T.V," said figure skater Anna Luper.

"It has a 30 minute lesson included. There is also a 15 minute free time, you get 8 free public session passes and free skate rental."

And although Sochi may seem far away now, your dreams can always start right down the street.


NIXA, Mo--Girls high school basketball Monday night.

Ozark paying a visit to Nixa in their backyard brawl rivalry.

And the visiting Tigers start from the outside, Hannah Cook with the three, 3-2 Ozark.

Nixa answers, Madison Wells with the shot fake, then inside the paint for the basket, 6-5 Eagles on top.

Then the three pointer is off the mark, but Angie Allen is there for the board and and basket, Eagles out to a 10-5 lead.

Ozark bounces back, again it's Hannah Cook with the three, it's 13-12 Tigers.

But Nixa rallies to win 42-33.

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