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New Orleans Parties on Fat Tuesday

NEW ORLEANS -- Mardi Gras reaches its peak today with Fat Tuesday parties in New Orleans.
NEW ORLEANS -- Mardi Gras reaches its peak today with Fat Tuesday parties in  New Orleans.

Today is Fat Tuesday - and that means it's time to party in New Orleans.

To the floats,  to  the beads. This week is Mardi Gras - and New Orleans is the nation's party destination

"I'm from Michigan and we drove down here. It took us about 18 hours?" says reveler Nick Hadorn.

"It's my birthday weekend," says Brandon Banks, who lives in Louisiana.  Reporter: "So this whole party is for you?"  "Yep."

The Bacchus Parade is held the Sunday before Mardi Gras and  is one of the biggest events.  This years King was actor Hugh Laurie.

"It's great. The food's great. The people are great. It's been a great time. The party's great," says Chuck Roselli of New York.

The parade was delayed a half hour after a nine year old was injured when he was hit by a float.
There were a few minor scuffles ..but New Orleans police had everything under control

Most folks come to Mardi Gras to see the floats, have a few drinks and catch some beads, but one couple came for something a little bit more special.

The crowd serenaded Philadelphia couple Tracy Abney and Anthony Brown, after Anthony popped the question.

"Engaged at Mardi Gras? Wow! How can I explain it? I can't!" Reporter: Were you expecting it?"  "Not at all!"

The festivities will continue until midnight tonight - when Lent officially begins.

(Omar Villafranca, CBS News)

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