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Neighbor: The Family was Private, Content

<st1:place><st1:city>SPRINGFIELD</st1:city>,&nbsp;<st1:state>Mo.</st1:state></st1:place>&nbsp;-- In a story that has shocked&nbsp;<st1:city><st1:place>Springfield</st1:place></st1:city>&nbsp;and surrounding areas, more details of the Staudte family are emerging after two of the family members are charged with the murder of two others and the assault of one who potentially survived an attempted murder.

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. -- In a story that has shocked Springfield and surrounding areas, more details of the Staudte family are emerging.

Over the span of the last few days, Diane Staudte, 51, and her daughter Rachel Staudte, 22, both of Springfield, have been arrested on charges of first degree murder  of Mark Staudte and Shaun Staudte.  The pair are also facing charges of assault for the serious injury of Sarah Staudte.

See Diane's story here, and Rachel's story here.

A quiet neighborhood      

Private, reserved and content are the words a neighbor used to describe the Staudte home.

"She was new in the neighborhood," said Rhonda Anderson, who lives across the street from the Staudte's. "No one knew anything about them."

About an hour after Anderson spotted a coroner's van at the Staudte house, Anderson went to check up on her neighbors. Little did she know that Shaun had passed away in the house after allegedly being poisoned with antifreeze from his mother and sister.

 "I went to the door and she came out and was very friendly," said Anderson. "I said 'are you okay' and she said 'well my son died today.' She wasn't even crying and no one ever came to the house."

According to a church member and a neighbor, Shaun may have had a form of mild autism.

Anderson went on to describe the family as private, leaving room for assumptions about their past.

"I knew she was single," said Anderson. "I did not know her husband passed away. I thought she was divorced."

The Family

Rachel and Diane were very active within the church, according to a member of the church band who knew the Staudte family.

Rachel played the bass and flute, and Diane played the organ and flute, says the church member.

According to her Facebook page, Rachel was on the Dean's list at Missouri State University and loved to paint.

"Congrats, Dean's List once again," said Diane in a post on her daughter's wall.

Church members say that Diane and Rachel are very close.

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