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Morning Sports Report - May 27, 2014

Rain interferes with the state high school baseball championships and Glendale's mile man goes for the Class 4 state record in the 1600. Dan Lucy has your Monday morning sports report.
SPRINGFIELD, Mo--The road to O'Fallon and a Missouri state high school baseball championship continued Monday.

Sectional play for the smaller Class 1, 2 and 3 schools.

At Catholic it was the Fighting Irish hosting Cuba.    

Springfield Catholic with 24 wins, Cuba with 21 wins.

And this game was suppose to get started at 4:00 p.m. but a heavy thunderstorm rolled through and dumped rain on the diamond.

The game went into a rain delay, and four hours later it finally got underway.

Catholic's Brayton Ballenger opens the game with this infield single to third.

He would then move to second when Ryan Haller lays down this sac bunt.

But the Irish could not bring him home, Cuba's Taylor Thompson strikes out Eric Atwell.

Catholic had Tyler Ast on the hill, and he strikes out Thompson swinging here.

And Catholic beats Cuba 3-2 to advance to the quarterfinals.

In early playoff action, Hartville did get their game in, the Eagles beat Belle 5-one.

Leopold blanks Bakersfield 10-nothing.

Dadeville beats Greenfield 12-7.

Crane beats Spokane 5-2.

Skyline loses to Archie 9-2.

And Forsyth and Ash Grove were postponed because of rain.


In Major League baseball Monday, it went to 12 innings in St. Louis, but the Yankees beat the Red Birds 6 to 4.

Kansas Ciity falls to Houston, 9-2.

And in the Texas League, Frisco beats the Springfield Cardinals 5-2.


SPRINGFIELD, Mo--The best track and field athletes in Class 4 and 5 will compete for state championships this weekend.

One of those looking for gold is Glendale's mile man.

Glendale's Spencer Haik is at it again.

"Me and my coaches always joke that the reason I am fast is cause I am too stupid to slow down," said Haik.

But what's not funny, is that Falcon coach Jeff Berryessa has rarely seen this skilled of an athlete in his near two decades of work.

"Probably a couple, but no one 'like Spencer'. Arguably he is probably one of the best distance runners in the midwest," said Berryessa.

Haik's an accomplished cross country and track runner, who has already notched two straight 1600 meter state titles.

But as for his best.

"I feel like it's still to come."

One of the goals the senior is tyring to track down is the Class 4 state record of 4:08 in the 1600.

"Just mental motivation cause I know a lot of people say a sport is 60 percent in your head and 40 percent physical, but I think it's even more than that. When you are out there, your body can hurt but if you can tell yourself to keep going, you can do that," said Haik.

That mentality and skill is why Columbia University signed him.

"They have a really good team up there. They have made it to nationals the past like 5 years or something like that. So they have a strong program and I'll get to go be a part of that."

And believe it our not Haik still has things on his check list.

"I am just taking it step by step."

Figuritively and literally.

"Right now, my next goal after high school is to go on and get the national title first, making a club team, and going to the Olympics someday is my ultimate goal."

Spencer Haik, a man with a plan and a motor for medals.

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