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Morning Sports Report - March 19, 2014

The Drury Panthers return to the Elite Eight...C of O's Lady Bobcats are disappointed in Sioux City...and the Missouri State baseball Bears are having trouble catching fire this season.
SPRINGFIELD, Mo--Tuesday night, the Drury Panthers were hoping to do what its womens team did Monday night.

That is win the Midwest regional, clip some nets, and move onto the Elite Eight.

The Panthers hosting Michigan Tech at the O'Reilly center.

KOLR 10's Megan Rice has the story.

The Panthers were able to beat the Huskies in last year's Regional semifinals 76-62.

But onto this year Lonnie Boga with the three pointer ties it at five.

Huskies Ben Stelzer comes right back, the kid can shoot, 3 ball makes it 8-7 Huskies lead.

Then Kameron Bundy with the nice touch on the floater, that makes it 16-12 Panthers.

Michigan Tech's Jordan Chariter showcasing his money ball as well, that makes it 27-24 Huskies.

But Kameron Bundy coming back with a three pointer of his own and it's tied at 29.

Later Ian Carter before the half gets the score it would be 33-29 Panthers lead at the half.

In the second half, the Huskies Austin Armga hits a dagger, to bring his team within three.

But the Panthers Drake Patterson puts it away for two to make it 57-52.

Then there's the nail and here's the coffin, Carter makes it 62-52 and Drury wins the regional title 71-57.

Bundy was named the MVP and finished with 24 points.

"It's a honor to be here.  But it's not we got here by luck, "said Drury Forward Cameron Adams.  "We worked our way here.  Like coach touched on, we went out there and won that game.  It was a tough game.  We went out and proved to everybody that Drury is a team even without Alex and Brandon.  People were saying we couldn't do it at the beginning of the year.  We got to this point because people stepped up and we were able to make plays." 


SIOUX CITY, Ia--If the glass slipper was to fit any cinderella so far this march madness it would be the College of the Ozarks women.

The Lady Bobcats pulled off four upsets in the NAIA national tournament to get to the championship game.

C of O trying to take down number one and unbeaten St. Francis out of Indiana.

This was close the whole way, late second half, the Lady Bobcats Alice Heinzler with the steal, she dishes to Maggie McMename for the hoop, it's a three point game.

But St. Francis swings it around to Emily Montgomery who hits the three pointer, it's 58-52 Cougars.

C of O would not quit, again Republic product Alice Heinzler with the three, it's 68-62.

But St. Francis would hold on and win 75-68.   


SPRINGFIELD, Mo--The Missouri State baseball Bears were back in action at home at Hammons Field Tuesday night.

Keith Guttin's Bears taking on Oklahoma State and the Bears are struggling.

Missouri State trying to snap a six game losing streak against the Big 12's Cowboys.

Top of the second inning and Oklahoma State's Corey Hassel doubles into right center, Gage Green slides across and it's 1-nothing Cwboys in the second.

Missouri State's Clay Murphy would strike out Ryan Sluder looking.

But Murphy could not escape, because Saulyer Saxon takes this deep to left, over the boards and gone a two run shot and it's 3-nothing Cowboys.

And Oklahoma State shuts out the Bears 6-nothing, that's four straight games where Missouri State has not scored a run. 

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