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Monett Gets New Football Turf

Monett gets a new artificial football turf for the upcoming season.
MONETT, Mo--The high school football season will kick off in a little more than a month.

And coaches and players will soon be getting ready for the new season.

And that includes the football stadiums and fields as well.

In Monett, Burl Fowler stadium is in the middle of getting its new rug installed.

In fact the Cubs will have a new artifical turf field, a new track, scoreboard and entryway.

The price tag is well over a million dollars provided by private and corporate donors.

"We really did a lot of work last summer, and really did our research, did turf tours in St. Louis, Kansas City, Springfield area," said Monett Athletic Director Daryl Bradley.  "As long as we're ready to go by August 22nd, we play Seneca opening night here, so hopefully we're good to go by then.  I'm pretty confident we will be."

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