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Missions Roll Cardinals

SPRINGFIELD, Mo--Springfield drops a game against San Antonio.
SPRINGFIELD, Mo--The Springfield Cardinals playing game two against the Missions Sunday night and due to Saturday's rain out the fire work show happened after the game.

Second inning, Cody Overbeck lines out to Patrick Wisdom who doubles them up at first to end the inning.

To the third, Adam Buschini hits a solo homer off Kurt Heyer. That makes it 1-0 Missions.

Heyer responding strong though gets James Needy swinging for the out.

Still in the third, Casey McElroy doubles in the gap and Reymond Fuentes scores. Now it's 2-0 missions.

And then in the fourth, Buschini does it again. Second homer of the day.This time it's a two run shot.

San Antonio wins 7-2.
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