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MarketWatch - Wednesday, July 23, 2014

If you're keeping on top of the markets this morning, Wednesday, July 23, 2014....
If you're keeping on top of the markets this morning,  Wednesday, July 23, 2014....

The Nikkei is down 15 points today in Tokyo.
The Dow added nearly 62 points Tuesday.
The Nasdaq was up 31.

Tuesday U.S., Canada, and several European airlines cancelled flights to Israel after a rocket landed near the airport in Tel Aviv.
The FAA later prohibited all U.S. carriers from flying into Tel Aviv for 24 hours.  Also, the European Aviation Safety Agency says it strongly recommends airlines not fly in and our of Tel Aviv.

Apple announced third quarter earnings after the closing bell Tuesday, reporting revenue just shy of analysts' expectations. But the tech giant did show an increase in iPhone sales.

Conoco Phillips is among the top 250 biggest U.S. companies offering the most generous company match in their 401k programs
According to Bloomberg, the least charitable are Facebook, Amazon, and Whole Foods.
Whole Foods reportedly won't match more than $152 a year.

Target will now let you buy things just by scanning a magazine ad using an app for your smart phone.
It's called " In a Snap" and it can detects images from 10 home decour magazines. Similar apps allowed you to scan a barcode, but this techology can detect images or obects.
All you do is scan, and buy.  The app is currently being tested, and is free.  Consumers are encouraged to leave comments for feedback

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