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MarketWatch for Thursday, May 8, 2014

If you're keeping on top of the stock markets this morning, Thursday, May 8, 2014...
If you're keeping on top of the stock markets this morning,  Thursday, May 8,  2014...

The Nikkei is up 130 points today in Japan.
On Wall Street, the Dow gained 117 points Wednesday.
The Nasdaq fell 13.

Jobless claims numbers for the week of May 3rd come out today.
Economist expect the number of people filing for unemployment benefits to drop by at least 20,000.

Two coffee rivals are joining up to create one of the world's biggest coffee companies. Mondelez International - which makes Oreos and Cadbury chocolate - and Dutch company D.E. Master Blenders have closed a deal to become one. The company will be called Jacobs Douwe Egberts and will be based in the Netherlands.
The new coffee giant is looking to take on Nestle, its largest competitor.

The Department of Homeland Security is focusing on customer service.
The department says it is creating a program to improve TSA operations affecting travel and tourism.
Lines and crowd management, self service technology, and logistics are among the areas the department will analyze.

Raising a child can be a full time occupation.
But a new survey by Career Builder finds that working parents tend to be satisfied with their jobs.
While working moms earn less than working dads, they tend to be more content in their jobs, overall.
78 percent of working moms reported they are happy in their current roles at work compared to 73 percent of working dads.

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