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MarketWatch for Monday, February 10, 2014

If you're keeping on top of the stock markets this morning, Monday, February 10, 2014...

If you're keeping on top of the stock markets this morning,  Monday, February 10, 2014...

The Nikkei is up 256 points today in Tokyo.
On Wall Street, the Dow rose 165 points Friday.
And the Nasdaq was up nearly 69 points.

The stock market hopes to build on its first weekly gain in nearly a month. Stocks rallied Friday after the government's monthly unemployment report showed solid growth in construction and manufacturing jobs.

Janet Yellen will make her first appearance on Capitol Hill this week as head of the federal reserve. Yellen will give lawmakers her semi-annual testimony on the state of the economy Tuesday. Wall street will be listening very closely to her comments to gauge how aggressively the fed plans to scale back its stimulus program.

California lawmakers are proposing legislation that would require smartphones to have a built-in "kill switch" that would make a stolen or lost device inoperable. The bill would require mobile devices sold in or shipped to California to have the anti-theft devices starting next year.

And Google has raced ahead of Exxon Mobil as the world's No. 2 most valuable company, and the internet giant is quickly gaining on No. 1 Apple.  Google's market value is now nearly 390 billion dollars compared to Apple's 457 billion.

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