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Local Expert Discusses U.S.- Russian Relations

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. -- A local military expert discusses options for the U.S. after the Malaysian Air shoot-down over Ukraine.
SPRINGFIELD, Mo. -- The recent crash of Malaysian Air Flight 17 is raising international concern.

The international outrage is growing over how Russian-backed separatists are treating the remains and crash site of the Malaysia Airlines jet shot down over eastern Ukraine.   

President Obama wants Russian president Vladimir Putin to stop the rebels from interfering with the investigation.

Col. (Ret.) Stephen Robinette is a veteran of Vietnam and Desert Storm.  He is Associate Vice President for International Programs at Missouri State University and has 90,000 international air miles under his belt in this year alone. 

He believes the U.S. needs to take action.

"We have Americans flying all over the world and the proliferation of anti-aircraft munitions to include shoulder fire munitions is clearly much more dispersed in the world than they used to be. We clearly need to get control of those munitions as best we can to make sure these kinds of events don't happen."

Robinette says the United States isn't in a cold war yet but depending on what sanctions Russia faces could determine the future.

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