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Legends of Golf - The Parking Plan

BRANSON, Mo. --Wednesday marks the first day for the public at the Legends of Golf Tournament in Branson. And with two different courses involved, you'll need to know the parking plan before you go.
We are going to make it very easy on people.
BRANSON, Mo. -- In just a matter of days, Thousands of golf fans will flock to the Ozarks to see some of the greatest players in the game take on Johnny Morris' Top of the Rock

Wednesday marks the first day for the public at the Legends of Golf Tournament.   And with two different courses, getting around could be confusing.

"Whether you are coming from Arkansas or Springfield, Branson, head south on 65, you'll start to see signs on the highway and they will be way-finding," explains Kirk Elmquist, tournament director.  "It'll divert you to the parking areas and we'll shuttle you to the golf course in which you purchased the ticket."

See a map to public parking lots here.

Play will be at Top of the Rock and Murder Rock courses.  Depending on the ticket you purchase, you'll be taken by shuttle to the right spot.

Elmquist says fans will begin their experience before they ever hit the course.  "You are going to head into the fan expo and then right over to the American grill."

With the large crowds and the location of the two courses, fans will park near Buffalo Ridge golf course, nine miles from Top of the Rock.

"If you are coming north on 65, you'll go right into Branson Creek, just like you are coming in south going into the Branson Creek area, Buffalo Ridge is right in the middle of that and the parking is right up at the top of the hill."

Elmquist says getting around the properties will be easy.  "There will be smaller shuttles moving people in other small areas, but no, you are going to be on very, very nice courses moving you around the courses or the properties out here."

He says their goal is for fans to enjoy their time and soak in top notch golf in the Ozarks.

"We are going to make it very easy on people and no charge for parking."

And if you are headed down, you should leave about 30 minutes before you want to see a player tee off.

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