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Legends Moved To Big Cedar From Georgia

The Champions tour event moved to Top of the Rock from Savannah.
RIDGEDALE, Mo--This may be the very first Big Cedar Lodge Legends of Golf touranment.

But it will be the 37th Legends of Golf event.

It actually started in 1978 and was played in Savannah, GA for decades.

But the Liberty Mutual insurance company which had sponsored this event decided to head in a different direction.

The event needed a new sponsor, and that's when Bass Pro Shops founder Johnny Morris stepped up and saved the tournament.

He moved it to Big Cedar and the rest is history and the Champions Tour pros are grateful.

"I'm excited we have it back on the schedule, there's no way since it's been concieved back in 78.  All the players who have come through and played the event.  It's always an event I look forward to watching on tv and being a part of it," said Kenny Perry.

"It's really important, it's what started it all for us out here.  You can't thank those guys enough.  It's given all of us out here a second career.  It's the bedrock of our tour it really is," said Loren Roberts.

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