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Lasers Roll Kastles

SPRINGFIELD, Mo--The Springfield Lasers cruise over Washington.
SPRINGFIELD, Mo--The Springfield Lasers hosting the Kastles on Friday. 

First up men's doubles Lasers Michael Russell and Ross Hutchins against Leander Paes and Bobby Reynolds.

Great volley here Russell with this hustle back over the net and then look at this drops the shot on the line for a point.

Russell back form more. A wicked serve. No chance on the return.

Men's doubles wins 5-2.

Then the women's doubles Olga Govortsova and Raquel Kops-Jones against Kastles Anastasia Rodionova and Shelby Rogers.

Kops-Jones with the smash at the front of the net.

The Laser women win that 5-1.

Lasers cruise, winning 24-10.
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