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Lasers, Blake Rally To Beat Texas

The Springfield Lasers welcomed James Blake to the team for the weekend and beat Texas 19-18.
SPRINGFIELD, Mo--The Springfield Lasers are back in town and the beat up tennis team got some reinforcements.

Marquee player James Blake joins the Lasers for the weekend.

Blake retired from ATP play last summer and at one time was ranked fourth in the world. 

The Lasers picked up their first win of the season Thursday in Boston.

And James Blake and Michael Russell team up for mens doubles in the first event, Blake gets the point with a little net work.

Then later, off Russell's serve, Blake at the net again for the point, and the first game.

Blake now on the serve, and Blake would put the return away, Springfield gets that point.

But Texas would win mens doubles 5-2.

Then womens singles, and Springfield's Olga Govortsova on the serve, but Texas' Anabel Garrigues can't return it, point for the Lasers.

But Texas would win womens singles 5-3.

But Springfield rallies and wins 19-18 in a super tiebreak.

Andy Roddick is in town Sunday night at 7:00 p.m. and will take on Blake and the Lasers. 

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