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Kickapoo Holds Off Nixa 65-59

Kickapoo beats Nixa by four.
SPRINGFIELD, Mo--Friday night hoops action at Kickapoo where two of the better teams in the Ozarks battled head to head.

It's 13-4 Kickapoo against 10-3 Nixa.
And that's where we find KOLR 10's Megan Rice.

Thanks Dan, the Springfield News-Leader has Kickapoo ranked number one in their power rankings.

And before a loss to Waynesville Nixa was second.

So certainly these two teams fighting to claim the top spot in Springfield.

Cross town rivals doing battle at Kickapoo.

Nixa's Jacob Ruder not on the first but on the second and gets the and one, it's 5-4 Eagles up.

Then it's back to Ruder, who's having a monster game, the two-handed slam and that ties it at seven.

Later, Chiefs Isaac Johnson with a big first half, he gets the three, Kickapoo up 10-8.

Later, the Eagles get it up to Bryce Dulin who throws it down 15-14 Nixa.

Chiefs getting it done outside the arc, Jack Simpson makes it 22-17 Kickapoo.

But the Eagles Logan Middleton gets past the defense for the score and cuts the lead to 3.

In the second half, Ruder again with the two-handed slam, but Kickapoo still led 47-46.

But Johnson would put this one way with a huge 3 pointer.
Kickapoo wins 65-59.

Megan Rice/KOLR 10 Sports:"Now joining me is the hot hand of the night Isaac Johnson from Kickapoo.
Isaac talk about your performance tonight."

Isaac Johnson/Kickapoo guard:"We just came out and had a great team effort. And I just did what I did to help the team."

Rice:"What about the crowd?  It seemed you had your fans cheering for you loudly tonight, talk about the atmosphere."

Johnson:"It was awesome.  We couldn't do this without the fans it was great."

And Dan, next week Nixa hosting their Invitational and will play Hogan Prep.

Kickapoo's at Parkview on Tuesday,

Dan, back to you.

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