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Huge Wright County Meth Bust May Have Caught Major Supplier

WRIGHT COUNTY, Mo. -- Four people are charged in a huge meth bust that could be among the largest busts in Missouri, according to law enforcement.
WRIGHT COUNTY, Mo. -- Four people are charged in a huge meth bust that could be among the largest busts in Missouri, according to law enforcement.

25-year-old Amber Mayberry, 49-year-old Alan Gasperson, 20-year-old Colt Lambert, and 24-year-old Zachariah Lambert were charged with multiple felonies including meth possession and manufacturing after police discovered a large meth lab during a bust. Mayberry and Colt Lambert were also charged with child endangerment.

The bust took place March 1, but was two years in the making.

"I couldn't believe it, I've never seen that much, that many labs in all my life," says Wright County Sheriff Glenn Adler.

It takes a lot to surprise Southwest Missouri law enforcement.

"You have to have a reliable informant, plus you have to have the information less than 10 days old," says Adler.

Many are long-time veterans in rooting out meth in their counties.

For two years they've been watching this property in Wright County and hearing word about the people living there. Their patience finally paid off.

"Finally it came together," says Adler. "Last week a Mountain Grove officer had worked on some stuff and gotten some information and he applied for a search warrant and we executed it Saturday morning." 

Four residences on the property were filled with the chemicals to make meth.

"Kerosene, lye, Draino," recounts Adler.  "This one abandoned trailer had, I think, 87 labs in it."

Some of the bottles used for the smaller-batch, so-called "shake and bake" method were still smoldering.

"They crush their pills, they get their chemicals and they just mix the stuff to make the products," says Adler.

The inside of the homes were in shambles filled with these mini-labs, chemicals and trash.

Investigators say they were even more surprised to find a two-year-old in the midst of the mess.

Investigators found cooking meth under a piece of furniture in the child's bedroom.

"It makes me irritated over that and that a parent would subject their child to that," says Adler "A child is a pretty special person to have. The child was placed with children's division and the child was taken to the hospital."

The Sheriff says he's seen what meth can do to a person.

"I've seen meth ruin a lot of good lives," says Adler.

He says this bust is a victory for the community.

"I think this place was a big supplier," says Adler. "What intelligence we got. I'm just glad we put them out of business."

Wright County Sheriff Adler says more charges could be filed, depending on what else they learn.

This investigation was a cooperation between Wright County, Mountain Grove and Hartville Police, the South Central Drug Task Force, the Highway Patrol and the Howell County Swat Team.
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