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Safe Ways to Get and Store Complicated Passwords

National Secure Your ID Day is Saturday and you might take the opportunity to change your internet passwords. Here's a way to come up with complicated passwords that are easy to use and store securely.
In light of the recent Heartbleed bug and other internet hacks, it's important to have complex and unique passwords for each online account, including email, financial sites and retailers. But keeping track of all of these individual passwords is near impossible unless you use a password keeper that stores them all.

Eliminate the need to remember dozens of unique passwords by using a password keeper. CNET editors highly recommend the service, Last Pass. The free version works across all of your PCs as a browser download. You create a master password -- the only one you now have to remember -- and Last Pass will store all the complicated usernames and passwords for the sites you visit.

The service will also generate complicated passwords for you, centralize your data so you can easily edit account information and even create credit card profiles for smoother online shopping.  Last Pass also offers a premium version as an app for mobile devices that costs 12-bucks a year.

If you're just looking for mobile protection, one-Password app for iPhones and Androids is highly recommended. The app stores passwords, credit card numbers, passport information and even generates complicated passwords for you. And don't worry, 1Password boasts military-grade encryption for itself.

(Kara Tsuboi, CNET.com for CBS News)

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