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Hometown Hero: One Home Helps Several Families

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. – A local woman is helping many families by donating her own home to Habitat for Humanity.
SPRINGFIELD, Mo. – A local woman is helping many families by donating her own home to Habitat for Humanity.

A two-bedroom home that sits on East Webster and Custer may not be large and fancy, but it is about to change the lives of several local families.

“I just thought it was a great opportunity for somebody that wants to build or have their own house,” says Lynne Young, who is donating her home to Habitat for Humanity.

Lynne’s home will be sold and the money from the sale will be used to help other families have a home to call their own.

“What we're going to be able to do with this home is actually sell it in order to raise more funds for other places where we can buy more lots,” says Larry Peterson, executive director of Habitat for Humanity in Springfield. “Or we will put the money into another Habitat home to put another family in it.”

Habitat for Humanity Springfield has long helped families in need of assistance build a home and a future.

Amanda Haden and her kids are one of thousands of families now living in the comfort of a habitat home, all thanks to generous gifts and donations like the one from Lynne.

"Having a stable home will set them up for a brighter future,” says Haden. “There's no place like home and this is a place my kids can call home."

Lynne's own daughter benefited from Habitat for Humanity.

She completed Habitat's homeownership program and purchased her home from the organization.

“I just thought it was kind of giving back because they were so generous in building my daughter’s house,” says Lynne. “I had to dispose of it somehow. I moved to another house and I just thought they were a fantastic program.”

Though Lynne is grateful for the organization, Peterson says donations like this keep Habitat for Humanity going.

“We absolutely live on the donations,” says Peterson. “And of course if you get a home or a lot or something of that magnitude, it certainly helps our cause a whole lot more than having to start from scratch. So donations are the life blood of this organization.”

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