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Hollywood Minute - June 24, 2014

Hope Solo goes to court after being arrested over the weekend. And singer Robin Thicke makes an emotional plea to his estranged wife in a new music video.
Soccer star Hope Solo appeared in a Washington State court Monday.
The two-time Olympic gold medalist pleaded not guilty to charges that she attacked family members at a home near Seattle early Saturday.
Police responded and say she appeared drunk.
Solo was released with some conditions,  including not drinking alcohol.

Robin Thicke's new music video is his latest attempt at winning estranged wife Paula Patton back.
Lyrics include; "All I want to do is make it right, make it right."
The pair split in February after almost nine years of marriage, following rumors Thicke was cheating.
The video for "Get her Back" off his upcoming album "Paula" shows a series of unsettling text messages between a couple.
The woman in the video even looks like Patton.
This may not be Thicke's last try. At the end of the video a text reads "this is just the beginning."

'Fields of Gold' won't be going to Sting's six children.
The singer worth more than $300 million tells the Daily Mail there won't be much money left for his kids when he dies.
Why?  Because he's going to spend it.
He also says he isn't leaving his children "trust funds," but adds he's proud of their "good work ethic".

(Mary Mueller for CNN's Hollywood Minute)

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