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Hollywood Minute - January 30, 2014

More charges for Justin Bieber and Kourtney Kardashian lashes out at a passenger on a flight from Mexico.
A source close to Justin Bieber says the pop star is in Toronto, Canada to face an assault charge.
The 19-year old teen idol was allegedly involved in an incident involving a limo driver in Toronto late last year
Beiber has pleaded not guilty to DUI,  resisting arrest and driving on an expired license charges in Miami.

Kourtney Kardashian took to Twitter to lash out at fellow airline passengers.
On a flight back from a Mexico vacation-- the reality tv star posted "people on airplanes are so wild these days... Telling other people's children to cover their mouths. Cover your mouth."
It's unclear if the people in question were talking to one of Kourt's kids or some other tykes.

Beyonce is showing some never before seen family photos on her website.
She posted a pic -- of her hubby Jay-Z and Baby Blue Ivy.
Another shows Jay-Z lifting Bey in the air as the two smile at each other.
The photos were taken back in December but this is the first time we're seeing them.

(Dave Stewart for CNN's Hollywood Minute)

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