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Hollywood Minute - January 29, 2014

Oprah turns 60 and Vin Diesel works on his singing voice.
Happy birthday. Oprah!
The media mogul turns 60 today.
However, E-online reports Oprah canceled her party.
Oprah's besty-- Gayle King-- tells "E" they are still trying to figure out the best way to celebrate.

Vin Diesel proves he is a jack of all trades.
Not only can he act and direct-- he now sings.
Diesel posted a video on his Facebook page belting out some Katy Perry and Beyonce.
Diesel goes on to say he's happy and he wanted to thank his fans because his movie "Riddick" is topping the home video charts.

Justin Bieber has a Valentine's Day date in court.
The pop singer will be arraigned for DUI --resisting arrest-- and driving with an expired license.
Meanwhile,  a petition to get Bieber deported has started on whitehouse.gov.
To get an official response-- at least 100,000 people must sign it within 30 days.

(Martha Shade for CNN's Hollywood Minute)

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