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Hollywood Minute - February 10, 2014

Miley Cyrus responds to a Youtube prom invite and "The Lego Movie" is a mega hit at the box office.
Miley Cyrus would probably make a pretty exciting prom date, right?
Matt Peterson, a teen in Arizona, thought so.  So he took to Youtube to ask her out.
"Miley Cyrus will you go to prom with me," was his online plea.
The video went viral and got Miley's attention. So she responded via Twitter.
The "Bangerz" singer declined the invite but did ask Matt to her next show in Arizona and even included an emjoi kiss.
Matt was quick to reply saying this was the best day of his entire life.

The controversial George Zimmerman - DMX fight has been called off.
The boxing promoter behind the bout said  he was tempted to go through with it for the money... But said; "It was hurting too many people... I don't care how much money i could have made on this."

At the box office this weekend--
In its debut-- "The Lego Movie" was the big winner. In came in at number one earning $69.1 million.
Taking the number two spot was the George Cclooney movie-- "The Monuments Men."
And "Ride Along" came in at number three.

(April Williams for CNN's Hollywood Minute)

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