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Help for Mayflower, Arkansas Comes from All Corners

MAYFLOWER, Ark. -- Hundreds of people have come to the aid of tornado victims in the small town of Mayflower, the hardest hit area from Sunday's storms. The help is coming from all corners.
MAYFLOWER, Ark. -- Hundreds of people have come to the aid of tornado victims in the small town of Mayflower, the hardeest hit area from Sunday's storms.   Reporter Stefanie Bryant says the help is coming from all corners.

We continue to see the path of the deadly tornado here around i-40.  You see it clearly, an entire area wiped out.  Trailers on their side, mangled, debris everywhere, but for the residents it's a time to rebuild and replace items lost.

"Just wow.." That's how central Arkansas storm chaser Jimmy Evans describes Sunday night's twisters.
" Once it came up on these hilltops, lot of people didn't have time to get under.  They thought it was going to go one way but it flipped another way."

The winds were so strong, it wrapped metal frame around a tree and demolished a mobile home that ultimately took one man's life.
"It moved fast," Evans says.  "That's why some people didn't have a chance.  They said it was running 50 to 60 miles per hour."

The high winds had their way with this house, tearing away brick.  Throwing around items.  A man and his wife hunkered down in the center of the house.

 Evans says that's what he believes saved them.  His group of 26 are here to help them.
"We got a rocker, wheelchair, clothes.  Things they would need."

Helping get items most important to them after a devastating disaster.

Residents here say debris like this doesn't define them.  They say they're Arkansas strong and will get through this. 

How you can help:
Telethon until 10:30pm Tuesday:   You can call 501-3340-4922 through 10:30 pm to donate. #ARTornado.   If you would like to make an immediate donation, you can do so by texting STORM to 80888, or by visiting SalvationArmyCentralArkansas.org.

By Text:
If you want to support the Red Cross in helping victims in Mayflower, Arkansas and elsewhere,  you can donate at RedCross.org or text REDCROSS to 90999 to give $10.
And you can donate online at ConvoyofHope.org or by texting "CONVOY" to 50555 to give $10.

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