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Healthy Eating on a Budget

March is National Nutrition Month - a time to rethink some of our eating and spending habits. And that includes how much we dish out at the grocery store. How can you eat right without breaking the budget?
Eating right on a budget starts with a little planning.   Before you head to the grocery store...

"Plan out your meals in advance, make a grocery shopping list and stick to that list when you're shopping," recommends Ann Dunaway Teh, a registered dietitian nutritionist.

And though it may be a little more trouble, double a recipe from time to time so you can freeze part of it for another day.  Buying in bulk is often cheaper.

Registered dietitians recommend filling half your plate with fruits and veggies.  And buying ones that are in season is often cheaper.

Fill the other half of your plate with whole grains and lean meats.  And if you want to save a little on that meat.

"One way to make your meat dollars go further is by adding beans to the mixture and then you can stretch the meat and actually use less in the same dish," says Teh. 

Controlling portion size is another way to help your budget.  Experts say if something is in front of us we tend to eat it even when we're full.  So try using smaller plates.   

And finally, save going out to eat for special occasions.  Dining out is almost always more expensive than cooking your own.  And if you get tired of doing all of the work, get the kids to help. 

(Holy Firfer for CNN's Health Minute)   

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