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Health Minute - May 5, 2014

The effects of diabetes on the brain... the alarms are being raised for drug resistant bacteria...and the benefits of laughter.
Does diabetes shrink the brain? 
Maybe, especially if you've had type 2 diabetes for a long time, according to new research. 
We've known for years that people with diabetes are at higher risk for memory problems.   
Experts thought this was due to blood clots in the brain. 
But this new study in the journal 'Radiology' suggests it may also be because the brain in shrinking as cells associated with thinking and memory die.
Keeping your diabetes under control is the best way to slow the decline.   

The World Health Organization says it's seeing antibiotic resistance in every corner of the world.
That's of concern, because it could make some infections untreatable.
An estimated 2-million people get antibiotic resistant infections each year in the u-s.

Watching a silly video clip could increase your productivity!
Researchers at Loma Linda University found that when people laugh, their brains are activated in the same way as when people meditate. 
Laughter generated more of the type of brain waves that makes your "thinking brain" the most alert, perhaps leaving us better able to solve problems. 

(Holly Firfer for CNN's Health Minute)

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