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Friends Give Teen Battling Leukemia an Unforgettable Valentine's Day

REEDS SPRING, Mo. -- Reeds Spring High School students came together on Valentine's Day to give their friend battling leukemia the best gift that money can't buy.
REEDS SPRING, Mo. -- Students at Reeds Spring High School showed what love is all about this Valentine's Day.

They surprised one 15-year-old to make her day much brighter.

15-year-old Sophia Greenwalt was diagnosed with leukemia last March.  Her treatments have kept her out of school for about a year, so she doesn't really get to spend time with friends.

Today, Sophia's friends made sure to give her a Valentine's Day she won't forget.  They brought the best kind of love there is to her doorstep.

"They may not think it's a big deal," says Sophia's Mother, Nettie Greenwalt.  "But it is for her."

It was a Valentine's Day gift from the heart that 15-year-old Sophia Greenwalt was definitely not expecting.

"It just is beyond words," says Sophia.  "I was so excited."

Cancer treatments have made it hard for Sophia to walk and have kept her home, away from school and her friends.  Today, though, her buddies and a bus full of basketball players surprised her and serenaded her with songs and gifts.  She was speechless.

"There's nothing better for a teenage girl than to have 20 some cute boys pulling up on a bus with valentines singing to you," says Nettie.  "So I knew that would make her day."

Since middle school, Sophia has been extremely focused on giving back to the community and helping others.  She started the "Helping Hats" program, which allows kids to wear a hat to school for money.  The money then goes to a charity.  Today, the Reeds Spring community gave back to her.

"It was cool to catch her off guard and surprise her," says Reeds Spring Freshman Joel Gertson.  "I love Sophie.  It's always enjoyable to see a big smile on her face.  To me, it brings a smile to my face, too."

"That was priceless," says Reeds Spring High School Principal Steve Levingston.  "It's just touching to see our kids want to do what they can to brighten her day.  These kids think with their hearts and care about each other and know when someone is going through rough times and do what they can to help."

"I think it's so cool all my friends from school got to say happy Valentine's Day to me when I never get to see them," Sophie told us.

"This is like the best thing ever for her," said Nettie.  "It really is"

It was a heart-felt Valentine's Day gift that didn't cost a thing, but was worth more than money could ever buy.

"I can always rely on my friends," says Sophia.  "No matter what."

This isn't the first time her friends have surprised her.  They also did something similar on her birthday, Christmas and shortly after she was diagnosed with leukemia.

Nettie says they're hoping Sophia can go back to school in August and play volleyball again.
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