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Forsyth Unveils New Multipurpose Field

Forsyth played its first baseball game on its new artificial turf field.
FORSYTH, Mo--Down in forsyth missouri, baseball is big.

The Panthers have just added football and needed to have a multipurpose stadium.

And Monday Forsyth unveiled it's new artificial turf Collier Field.

And a little rain wasn't going to spoil the fun.

In fact a little rain could not spoil anything at the new field.

The facility will be the home to not only Panther baseball and football, but also be the site for the school's P.E. classes as well.

All these events on a new turf which will take the rainy Ozarks spring weather out of the equation.

"It's going to be our first game that we actually have played on it," said Forsyth baseball coach Neale Richardson.  "It's playable now, it's not done with the dressed up that we hope it would be with the top cap and the windscreen.  Our baseball team has played on the road all fall and all spring."

"As of right now it's slightly slower that real grass.  But I've heard that it's suppose to quicken up.  But it's really nice, it's always true hops.  I haven't had a bad hop yet," said Forsyth shortstop Jay Kaufmann. 

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