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Flood-Ravaged Homes to be Acquired by County

HOLLISTER, Mo. -- Many homes near Lake Taneycomo that received severe flood damage in 2011 are still vacant.
HOLLISTER, Mo. -- Mike Nauman still remembers the flooding on his street in 2011, and how lucky he was to keep his house intact.

That spring Nauman watched as Lake Taneycomo rose more than 10 ft. above its normal level, flooding the bottom story of his house and destroying many of his neighbors homes.

“These people here have just been devastated. I feel sorry for them,” he said.

Now eight houses in his neighborhood are vacant, abandoned. Nauman and others say the properties have become eyesores.

“It was a close knit neighborhood, this street was. But now it's gone downhill,” he said.

Some of the abandoned houses have safety hazards. Others have been vandalized. The neighborhood residents fear their property values might go down.

“This was really a booming area with the building going on,” Nauman said. “But the bottom just fell out after that.”

That’s why Taney Co. officials are working on a plan to buy out nine severely damaged properties along Lake Taneycomo. State and federal entities will cover the total cost of project, including the demolition. But Bob Atchley the county planning and zoning administrator, said its been a long process.

“Arduous is the best way I could really describe it,” he said. “We're dealing with two sets of grants that have two very different sets of requirements.”

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