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Beware of Holiday Dangers

The holiday season is upon us. And, with the family get togethers....there are some hidden dangers you need to be aware of.
The holiday season is upon us.    And, with the family get togethers....there are some hidden dangers you need to be aware of.

Kathy Mabe, president of Allstate Protection talks with KOLR10's Rob Evans on Daybreak.

Rob:  Kathy, we're coming up on Thanksgiving and Christmas, what are some of the dangers we face in our homes here in Missouri?   

Kathy:   Local statistics: The most prevalent holiday home loss claims in your state show that fire claims go up about 15% during the holiday months and theft claims also go up about 15%.   As for fires, our research will show that fires this time of year fall under a couple of categories:  candles - make sure you always have candles out before you go to bed, and keep them away from cumbustables.  We also experience a lot of Christmas tree fires. 

Rob:  It's not just the trees and candles, though.  People are cooking turkey in new ways - deep frying turkeys is a fire hazard, right?
Kathy:   Frying a turkey is becoming increasingly popular.  Make sure you never fry a turkey in your kitchen, on your deck or in your garage.  Make sure the fryer is at least 10 feet away from the house.  Making sure the oil level isn't too high when you put the turkey in - because that can ignite a fire.  And never add a frozen turkey to a hot pot of oil.  It's a bad outcome.

More from Allstate:
The hectic holiday season - whether celebrating or preparing their home - can result in families losing focus on safety precautions, increasing potential household hazards and preventable property damage. However, many holiday traditions - including decorating trees, stringing electric lights, lighting candles and preparing elaborate meals - can pose risks if not handled properly. In fact, during the period of mid-November through mid-January, an average of 67,500 homeowner loss and damage claims are reported to Allstate nationwide.

Holiday home hazards, a new campaign developed by Allstate, brings awareness to safety and home loss prevention during the holiday season by determining the most prevalent home safety risks. Allstate analyzed four years (2009-2012) Of holiday claims data to uncover significant, holiday-specific loss trends. The data shows an increase in holiday theft (seven percent), sewer backup (19 percent), and fire loss (15 percent) Claims.  The top contributors to holiday fire loss claims are Christmas trees (median claim of $102,000), candles (median claim of $50,000), turkey fryers (median claim of $29,000), and fireworks (median claim of $14,000). in fact, the most costly single claim was the result of an artificial Christmas tree fire that totaled nearly $2.4 million in paid losses.

Just following a few simple steps can dramatically cut the risk of damages and home hazards.
(For more information, please visit: goodlife.allstate.com)

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