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Evangel Wraps Up Drills With Spring Game

Brenton Illum's Evangel Crusaders played their spring game Friday night.
SPRINGFIELD, Mo--Brenton Illum's Evangel Crusaders kicked off their spring game Friday night.
It featured the number one offense against the number one defense.

And second quarter action Brady Burke pressured, pass tipped right to defensive line Corey Woods who gets him self a pick six.

That puts the white team up 8-0.

Still in the second Demetrius Green finds the endzone to get the maroon team on the board.

White team up 8-7 now.

Then Brock West breaks through the line and takes it 70 yards plus,  for the score.

That puts maroon up 15-11. 

And the defense goes onto win 60-15.


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