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DuPont Manual Wins P&W Opener

DuPont Manual beats Willard 51-26.
SPRINGFIELD, Mo--The girls joined the boys in the high school hoops tournament frenzy Friday.

Back in 1973 school officials at Greenwood started the Pink & White to mirror the boys Blue & Gold.

And then last year, that tournament merged with the Lady Classic.

That 32 team event tipped off Friday, it features four out of state teams, one of those is DuPont Manual out of Louisville.

They faced Willard in the pink division.

And the Lady Crimson with the skip pass to Aricka Prentice with the long two, Manual in front early.

But Willard was up for the Kentucky challenge, the Tigers Ali Perry kisses this off the window, 4-2 Willard.

Then some Tiger perimeter work, Rachel Williamson with the three, it's 7-4.

Manual answers from the outside, Nora Kiesler with the three from the top of the key, it's 7-7.

Willard's Shelby Barrett drives to the hole 9-7 Tigers.

But DuPont Manual wins 51-26.

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