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Dungy Clarifies Statement on Sam

Former NFL coach Tony Dungy clarifies his statement on the Rams Michael Sam.
ST. LOUIS, Mo--The St. Louis Rams are sweating it out at their training camp in the St. Louis area.

And the hot topic the last 24 hours has centered on Rams rookie linebacker Michael Sam and former Bucs and Colts head coach Tony Dungy. 

Dungy told the Tampa Bay Tribune that if he were still coaching in the NFL he would not have drafted Michael Sam.

Saying the first openly gay player would be a distraction and he would not want to deal with that.

After a backlash of reaction, Dungy clarified his statement saying that Michael Sam absolutely deserves a chance to play in the NFL.

Dungy went on saying that he has no problems having Sam on his team, the distraction would come from the media. 

Michael Sam and his Ram rookie teammates reported to camp Tuesday.

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