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Drillers Roll Cardinals

SPRINGFIELD, Mo--The Cardinals fall to the Drillers.
SPRINGFIELD, Mo--The Springfield Cardinals were originally slotted for a two o'clock start against the Drillers Sunday but the heat pushed this game back to five o'clock.

The Cards 63-67 on the year.

In the first inning Taylor Featherston crushes this solo homer towards right. Wasting no time in this one. It's 1-0 drillers.

But Kurt Heyer comes back strong. He gets Trevor Story to strike out swinging. He had six k's in the game.

Later, Ryan Arrowood with a strong outing on the hill. Gets Patrick Wisdom. Arrowood went for five innings with four k's, no hits and a walk.

Then, the Drillers Brian Humphries hits one to Curt Smith and nice hustle by Heyer to get the out at one.

In the fifth, the Drillers are back for more. Chris O'Dowd cranks a gapper. Joey Wong and Delta Cleary, Jr. score.

Drillers win it 5-0.
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