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Chiefs Show Off Their New Ford

The Kansas City Chiefs introduced their first round draft choice Dee Ford.
KANSAS CITY, Mo--Both the Kansas City Chiefs and St. Louis Rams had one thing in common in the first round of Thursday night's NFL draft.

Both of Missouri's NFL teams liked Tigers.

The Auburn Tigers.

Kansas City went with defensive end Dee Ford.

The Chiefs had the 23rd pick overall, and Cleveland traded up to step in front of K.C. and grabbed quarterback Johnny Manziel.

That took temptation away from the Chiefs camp who stayed with their game plan and went with the pass rusher from Auburn.

Ford will be moving from defensive end to outside linebacker and will have to learn how to drop back in pass coverage.

Ford led the SEC with ten and half sacks last season.

"I told myself it doesn't matter where I'm drafted because it's out of my hands," said Ford.  "I can't control that.  But I can control my work ethic and my craft itself.  I'm working on what I can do.  Something about d-line play is tough.  You have to be tough.  And that's what I strive for.  I played receiver at high school.  I wasn't too good at the pretty boy game.  I was good at the dirty work.."

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