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Catholic Advances In 3 OT

Springfield Catholic beats Rogersville in 3 overtimes.
SPRINGFIELD, Mo--The 4-5 Catholic Fighting Irish renewed their rivalry with 3-6 Rogersville Thursday night in Class 3 District 3.
And this was a muddy game as well.
The Wildcats keeping it on the ground, the handoff to Bailey Jenkins up the middle for a first and ten.
Move to the second quarter, Jenkins takes it around the right side, that's good for a 17 yard touchdown it's 7-nothing Rogersville.
Catholic answers, Jack Jones rolls left, then hands off to Nick Baron he comes to the near side, and picks up four yards.
Then Jones would keep here, ten yards up the middle through the slop, that ties it up at seven. 
And this would to into triple overtime before Catholic wins 13-7.

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