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Cardinals Fall to Naturals

SPRINGFIELD, Mo--The Naturals didn't allow the Cardinals to rally in game two.
The Springfield Cardinals were able to rally for a win in game one of their home series against the Naturals. Friday, they go for game two.

Cardinals again winning Thursday's game 6-4.

Friday, the Nats would lead to start again. In the first, Hunter Dozier hit scores Angel Franco. To make it 1-0 Nats.

Same inning, Micah Gibbs grounder to right scores Ethan Chapman but his teammate Dozier given a healthy tag by Patrick Wisdom while caught in a pickle that ends the first. Still 2-0 Nats.

Then, in the bottom of the first James Ramsey caught looking on a Matt Murray pitch to end the first. 2-0 Nats up.

To the third, Johnathan Rodriguez hard grounder to third. Everybody safe on the play. Travis Tartamella scores.

Cards fall 7-4. 

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