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Cardinals Beat Pirates

PITTSBURGH, Pe--The Cardinals bounce back and beat the Pirates on Saturday.
PITTSBURGH, Pe--Saturday, in Pittsburgh the St. Louis Cardinals looked to bounce back after a 12-2 loss to the pirates Friday.

Top of the first and St. Louis got the message from Friday's game, get more runs.

Matt Holliday up to right center. Matt Carpenter scores. 1-0 Cards.

Same inning Allen Craig flies out to right. Johnny Peralta tags up. Play at the plate and Peralta is safe. St. Louis takes a 2-0 lead.

Later, Matt Adams comes to the plate and pushes this one up the middle. Two out RBI brings home Peter Bourjos. 3-0 Cardinals up in the first.

Then in the top of the sixth Yadier Molina pulls one to left. Molina makes it 4-1 St Louis.

The Cardinals go on to win it 6-1. 
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