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Branson Shows, Events, and Attractions are Gearing Up

Now that winter is winding down, Branson events and attractions are gearing up!

Now that winter is winding down, Branson events and attractions are gearing up!

There are some sleepy streets now, but soon Branson will be bustling!  "We're getting ramped up, we're excited!" says Craig Wescott, President and Co-Owner of Family Fun Parks.  "A lot of the shows and some of the attractions are already open, but this weekend and the first week in March is when we really get rolling," adds Ross Summers, President and CEO of Branson Lakes Area Chamber of Commerce and Convention and Visitors Bureau.  

Some performers just started rehearsing for new shows.  Jacqui Bell, Choreographer and Resident Director at King's Castle Theatre says the cast has only been rehearsing on stage for the new show, Dublin's Irish Tenors and the Celtic Ladies, for three days!

"The theatres obviously are what really drive most of the visitors to Branson," says Summers.  Performers will be stepping on stage to entertain more frequently.  "As of Sunday it's going to be full schedule -- three shows a day!" says Bell.

"Yeah, there's a certain level of excitement that everyone feels this time of the year. It's anticipation it's optimism, it's a feeling of renewal especially after coming out of a harsh winter," explains Summers.  "We're coming off a very hard winter. You know cabin fever has kind of set in, and they're going to be ready to get out here for spring breaks!" echoes Wescott.

Whether you want to kick back and enjoy a show at a Branson theatre, or have fun at an outdoor attraction, the options will soon be endless as the season gets in full swing! "When you count all the shows and all the attractions and the festivals, literally hundreds of opportunities for folks to come down and enjoy," adds Summers.

Of course you have your traditional Branson area destinations like theatres, water parks, and museums.  "You've always got Silver Dollar City. That's the number one tourist attraction not just in Branson but in the state of Missouri actually," says Summers.

Plus, new events and attractions are coming to Branson in 2014! "Jonah is going to be a brand new show at Sight and Sound Theatre.  You've got Kapao Plunge at White Water when it opens up in May ... a 1.7 million dollar new attraction there at White Water!" says Summers

If you want the full details on everything Branson has to offer, check out www.ExploreBranson.com

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