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Bears Salute Shocker's Season

Missouri State says the Shocker's special season is a good thing for the Valley.
SPRINGFIELD, Mo--The Missouri State Bears will wrap up the regular season Saturday afternoon in Wichita.

In our Bear Nation report, the eyes of the college basketball world will be on their game against second ranked Wichita State.

The Shockers are trying to become the first Valley team since Larry Bird's Indiana State Sycamores to end the regular season with a perfect record.

Back in January, Missouri State owned a 19 point lead on the Shockers but lost in overtime 72-69.

The Bears say it's a good thing for the conference that Wichita State is getting all this attention. 

Keith Pickens/MSU senior:"If you respect your conference like you should, anytime you see a team like this have success, it speaks volumes for your conference to other people who don't know much about your conference.  We're good too.  We have good teams.  And we can make noise too.."

Dorrian Williams/MSU guard:"I think it's a good thing.   The Valley is really being respected as it should.  And Wichita State has done a great job.  And they're a very good team and deserve all the respect that they're getting."

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