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Bears Kick Off Spring Maroon & White Game

SPRINGFIELD, Mo--The Bears played their Spring football game at JFK Stadium.
SPRINGFIELD, Mo--Saturday, Missouri State played its Maroon & White game.

Terry Allen and his troops played at Parkview's JFK Stadium.

In the fourth quarter Phoneix Johnson with the nice carry. He had 49 net yards on the day.

Later on the drive, the completion to Zac Hoover but he gets stripped and popped. The recovery by John Edwards.

MSU-1 goes on to win it 27-0 led by quarterback Kierra Harris who threw for 304 yards and 2 touchdowns.

"It was good. You know we had a beautiful day. We got some big plays, Zac Hoover had a fun day for us. We got some turnovers which you obviously try and stay away from offensively but you like to see defensively," said Bears football coach Terry Allen.
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