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Alex Smith Talks About Dalton Deal

KC Chiefs quarterback Alex Smith would like a contract extension similar to Andy Dalton's Bengals deal.
ST. JOSEPH, Mo--The Kansas City Chiefs took Tuesday off from training camp in St. Joseph.

In our K.C. Blitz report, the Chiefs will host the Cincinnati Bengals Thursday night at Arrowhead Stadium.

You can see that game on KOZL, with our K.C. Blitz pregame show at 6:30 p.m. followed by the game.

The Bengals will feature Andy Dalton at quarterback, he just signed a six year contract extension with Cincinnati.

It's worth $115 million dollars.

Chiefs quarterback Alex Smith would like a similar deal.

But when asked about it, Smith took the high road.

"To be honest, I had no idea they were talking or that was happening," said Alex Smith.  "I just found out walking off the field just to give me a heads up because I'd probably be asked it.  Other than that I have nothing for you.  I know nothing about it.  I'm focused on camp and getting better.  We have a game on Thursday and it happens to be against those guys.."

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