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Crafts Stores Benefit from Residual Black Friday Shoppers

Shoppers in Branson often visit mom-and-pop stores and craft outlets in between visits to malls and box store retailers.
BRANSON, Mo. -- Shoppers visit Branson to take a miniature vacation, purchase Christmas gifts and enjoy a variety of retail experiences.

The doorbuster sales at retail stores like those at the Tanger Outlet Mall draw consumers to the city as early as 10 pm on Thanksgiving night. The traditional Black Friday experience takes place at box stores offering discounts on electronics, clothing and other items.

Jamie Whiteis, the manager of Tanger Outlets, said Thanksgiving weekend sets the tone for many of the 70 retailers in the mall.

"We've been doing this a few years now and stores do a really good job keeping inventory levels strong," he said. "You've got a little of everything you can do. You can shop, there's great places to eat, great shows. But with the outlets that are here, we've got 70 stores. It's a one stop shop."

But many shoppers, those looking for a shopping experience outside the retailer stores, often trickle into the many mom-and-pop shops and craft stores.

"It's definitely becoming stronger with residual customers from other Black Friday sales," said Myranda Zimmerebner, the manager at the Branson Craft Mill.

Other visitors, like Amy Lake and her family, visited Branson as a mini-vacation during the four day Thanksgiving weekend.

"Today we're going to hit some of the little general stores and look for some early Christmas presents," Lake said. "I just like the quaint, old timey feel. It's kind of nice to get away from the big department stores."

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