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Councilman Charged, Accused of Threatening to Kill Wife, Himself

(Springfield, MO) -- Springfield City Councilman Nick Ibarra is now charged following a domestic disturbance Sunday afternoon.
(Springfield, MO) -- Springfield City Councilman Nick Ibarra is now charged following a domestic disturbance Sunday afternoon.

Greene County Prosecutor Dan Patterson says Ibarra is charged with Unlawful Use of a Weapon, and accused of threatening to kill himself and his wife.

According to court documents (see below), Ibarra had been drinking and was fighting with his wife, and sent her an earlier text message that read "I never thght I would be in a world where I seriously contmlate making 10 bullets 8. But I also never thght u would do this either (sic)."

He then allegedly threatened to kill himself with a 9mm semi-automatic handgun once she got home and had told him she was going to leave.

Police say Ibarra grabbed a gun from their coffee table and placed it in his mouth, but didn't shoot. His wife told police Ibarra pointed the gun at her, and said, "then you are going to die," when she threatened to call 911.

Court documents allege Ibarra said, "One of us is going to die today, I need to contemplate who it is going to be."

Ibarra's wife told investigators Ibarra asked her to hand over her cell phone, and said he'd count to three or he'd shoot her in the foot. At the end of the count, she says he pointed the gun but then unloaded it and placed it on their nightstand. That's when she called 911.

Officers arrived at the home on W. Huckleberry St. around 4 p.m. Sunday. Ibarra was later arrested and held overnight in Greene County Jail in lieu of $25,000 bond.

Investigators say Ibarra confessed to having the firearm, but denied pointing at or threatening his wife with it. He's not to have contact with his spouse, carry a firearm, or consume/possess alcohol or be on the premises of any location where alcoholic beverages are the primary item for sale. Ibarra was linked to a road rage incident last Thanksgiving.

It still remains unclear how the councilman was involved. Ibarra posted a statement on the city's website only saying he was, "involved in an unfortunate situation and that he has given his statement to police." The Missouri State Highway Patrol is *assisting with that investigation.

He's also been named in previous incidents with police (see story below). Ibarra was elected as a City Council member to represent Zone 1 in April 2009. Mayor Pro-Tem Bob Stephens says Springfield City Council has no immediate plans to address councilman Ibarra's issue. He says charges are only an accusation and there should be no rush to judgment.

However, if there were a conviction in the case, the city charter outlines the procedure for possible removal from office.

When KOLR/KOZL asked Stephens how the city would handle complains or concerns from constituents, he advised that they have the right to petition for a recall. Springfield City Council won't meet again until January 17th.

 *corrects an earlier version that reported the Highway Patrol was involved in this latest investigation.
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