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Class Educates Hikers about Outdoor Survival

SPRINGFIELD, Mo.--Hiking the Ozarks is preparing local nature lovers with survival techniques in a basic survival class.
SPRINGFIELD, Mo.—Hiking the Ozarks is preparing nature lovers with survival techniques in a basic survival class. 

The class consisted of phase I of the group’s survival training. This training covers the basics of outdoor survival, which include instruction on survival kits, the psychology of survival, shelter, water, fire, and preparation for rescue.

The class consists of both classroom and field exercises with practical examinations in fire starting, water filtration and shelter construction. 

This class was created to aid hikers, backpackers, hunters, horse back riders, or anyone spending time in the outdoors to know more about outdoor survival.

Hiking the Ozarks will also be offering an Intermediate Survival Class for more experienced hikers Feb. 15.

The intermediate class will focus more on training in basic wilderness first-aid, orienteering, collecting wild edibles, the use of snares and dead falls, fish traps and surviving harsh weather environments.

For more information contact Hiking the Ozarks at 417-844-5834
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