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Chiefs New-Look Defense Hopes To Apply More Pressure

Chiefs Defensive Coordinator Bob Sutton hopes his defense can apply more pressure this year.
ST. JOSEPH, Mo. -- The website www.footballoutsiders.com tracks the percentage of plays each defense is able to create pressure on the offense with sacks, hits and hurries of the quarterback, etc.

The Chiefs finished last in the league in that category putting that pressure on just 15 percent of the time.

New defensive coordinator Bob Sutton hopes to change that armed with a solid line-backing core and a beefed up secondary, Sutton will keep the chiefs 3-4 defense in place.

But he hopes to employ more blitz packages and different looks up front.

"Of all the things I think that's one of the things I'm most interested to see," said Sutton. "That's really one of the things, when you're talking about building a team, building a unit in my case, that's what you're looking for. They've got to stay together. They've only got themselves to rely on."

Running back Jamaal Charles says the new-look defense has been beneficial to the offense as well.

"Them guys feel comfortable with each other because they've played together for 3 or 4 years," Charles said. "I think everyone believes in their system. The defensive system they're playing is hard. But it's a challenge for the offense because they come from all different ways. So it's a challenge to pick up blitzes."
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